Admission information for the Master Course CSE

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in our international Master courses at the University of Rostock. Please read this guide carefully as it will probably answer many questions.

Selection for Master courses will be made by a committee on the basis of the application documents. The Master course either starts in the winter semester (October 1st which we recommend) or in the summer semster (April 1st).


Admission requirements

A Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree of a recognized university in a relevant subject matching the respective Master's degree course at Rostock University. You can only apply with your final transcript and degree.

Computational Science and Engineering

  1. Applicants whose native language is not English have to prove English language skills (proof not older than two years) with TOEFL IBT with at least 90 points or IELTS with at least 6.5 points
  2. Applicants have to prove a first university degree qualifying for a profession in the subject of Computational Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, or Physics with a minimum of 180 credit points, or a different but equal degree.
  3. Applicants have to prove profound knowledge in the following academic fields:
    • For studies of Computational Electrical Engineering: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (at least 3 credit points), Mathematics (at least 18 credit points), Programming / Practical Computer Science (at least 6 credit points)
    • For studies of Computational Mechanical Engineering: Mathematics (at least 18 credit points), Technical Mechanics (at least 18 credit points), Thermodynamics (6 credit points), Fluid Mechanics (6 credit points) and Programming (at least 9 credit points)
    • For studies of Computational Physics: Quantum Mechanics (at least 9 credit points), Electrodynamics and Optics (at least 6 credit points), Statistical Physics (at least 6 credit points) and Mathematics (at least 18 credit points).

An admission will only be given if a successful graduation from the master course can be expected. Therefore, we accept only candidates having completed the first university degree with at least 85 % of the CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) or with a comparable grade in a different grading system or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) with at least 500 points. Alternatively, the applicant is able to prove any other qualifications relevant for this master course that may lead to the prospect of a successful graduation based on overall academic progress.

You can enhance your performance with a GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) on minimum 500.

The Computational Physics course may only be commenced in the winter term since the specific obligatory fundamental lecture is not available in summer terms. For the courses, Computational Electrical Engineering and Computational Mechanical Engineering, it is recommended to begin the program in the winter semester, otherwise there will only be a limited range of modules to select.


Language requirements

Please note that applicants whose native language is English do not need to submit an official language proof.

All other candidates have to prove their proficiency in English with one of the following tests:

  • a valid TOEFL score report (Rostock University does not have an institutions code) with more than 90 points
  • a valid IELTS-Academic score report with an overall minimum of 6.5

A proof of knowledge about the German language is not required.


Submitting of Application documents

The application must be done via Uni Assists.

You can find the application times online at

Do not submit any application documents to Rostock University directly. Please apply online via Uni-Assist.