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Other study opportunities


At this page you will find some more study opportunities, which are not listed in the module-lists of the courses of study of the faculty.

You can use this offers to expand your knowledge. You can also submit an application to the study office for acceptance of the credit points to your study. Please send this application to the study office before you attend the course.

You are free to attend any modules of the University of Rostock or other universities according to § 19 of the General examination conditions regulation for all bachelor and master courses of Rostock university / Rahmenprüfungsordnung für die Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge der Universität Rostock (RPO) and to submit an application for acceptance. Please use the form „Antrag auf Anerkennung von Fremdleistungen“. The examination board of your course of study will decide about you application. The University of Rostock offers many interesting possibilities with her broad spectrum of subjects.








JUAS offers every year from January to March the two courses „The Science of Particle Accelerators“ and „The Technology and Applications of Particle Accelerators“ (each for five weeks) which are attractive for the master students of Electrical Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering and Computational Engineering. The courses will be accepted for your studies as an elective module on request, if the courses successfully completed: one course (5 weeks) with 10 ECTS, both courses (10 weeks) with 20 ECTS.

You must apply for participation by mid-October at the European Scientific Institute (esi). See web for details.

JUAS will be organized and supported by CERN and 14 European universities and scientific institutes - also by the University of Rostock.


JUAS 2020


Dates of the next courses:

from 13 January to 14 February 2020 --> Course 1: The science of particle accelerators

from 17 February to 19 March 2020 -> Course 2: The technology and applications of particle accelerators

Location: European Scientific Institute (ESI) in Archamps, France


Deadlines for submission of the full application form for the next courses:

application for Course 1 online on the JUAS-Homepage from 2 September to 27. October 2019

application for Course 2 online on the JUAS-Homepage from 2 September 2019 to 24. November 2019