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Commissions of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (IEF)


Committee on Academic Affairs

The Committee on Academic Affairs is in charge of doctorates and postdoctoral qualifications at the faculty. It is as well in charge of foreign students with questions concerning the doctorate program.


Committee on Library

The Committee on Library supports the information flow between the chairs and the library in both directions: it receives the requests of the library to the chairs and represents the interests of the chairs towards the library.


Committee on Large Devices and Information Technology

The Committee on Large Devices and Information Technology is in charge of the planning, procurement, application, organization and operation of IT-infrastructure at the faculty. That includes the procurement of large devices, the organization of computing-pools and the cooperation with the ITMZ (IT- and Media Center of the University) and other organs of the university.


Study Committee

The Study Committee supports the faculty and in particular the dean of studies in the strategic planning of study programs. This includes the establishment of new study programs as well as the adaptation of existing study programs to changing general conditions.


Admissions Committee for Professionals

The Admissions Committee for Professionals participates in the entrance examination for professionals who have no higher education entrance qualification.