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Research accomplishments

Computer science and electrical engineering both belong to the top three divisions at the University of Rostock that make the most progress in research.

With nearly 6 million Euros of recruited third-party funds of the industry and public incentives in 2005 both fields hold, relatively to their size and equipment, anterior positions in research accomplishments: electrical engineering holds the 6th position out of 28 in the range of faculties of electrical engineering at universities in Germany, while Computer Science holds the 11th position out of 57 (Source: CHE Ranking 2006). In the recent 9 years, 39 million Euros could be taken in by large-scale projects. The faculty is participating in half of the DFG post graduate programs in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

At the faculty, not only fundamental research is performed, but also applied research. Since 1992, more than 100
Spin-Offs with more than 1600 working places testify this. A lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania are developing innovative products and procedures in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

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