About Rostock and the University


About Rostock

  • with approximately 200.000 inhabitants, Rostock is the biggest town as well as the centre of economy, science and culture in Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania.
  • Rostock is a vintage Hanseatic- and harbour town, with it's university founded in 1419.
  • it is located immediately close to the most beautiful Baltic sea coastline, where you can get to by bicycle in half an hour.
  • there are theatres, the North German Philharmonic Orchestra, museums, and a very lively cultural scene      
  • Rostock has approximately 185 sport clubs and associations.
  • you can relax at the zoo, the botanical garden, the IGA-park and at many other green spaces.
  • every year in August, Rostock celebrates a big international party at the Hanse-Sail with sailing boat from all over the world and around one million visitors.
  • the "Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt", one of the districts of the city, is distinguished as a very alive student area, with it's popular cafe and pub scene.
  • since 2001 Rostock has become a partner town with Raleigh, North Carolina. Scientists from the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering have paved this way by the work co-operation with North Carolina State University.

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About the University

  • Founded in 1419 at the Marienkirche, the main church of Rostock. The University is the oldest one in the Baltic Sea area and the third-oldest in Germany.
  • Our motto "traditio et innovatio" combines maritime and hanseatic traditions with elite research and science.
  • 9 faculties and a interdisciplinary faculty are located at the university. Students can choose from more than 140 courses offered. Approximately 270 professors and 5,900 academic and nonacademic staff working at the university.
  • There are around 13,700 students including approximately 1,000 students from abroad.
  • You can play several sports within approximately 90 different sport disciplines and participate in small competitions.
  • ROhrSTOCK is the oldest successful student cabaret in all of Germany.
  • Many activities are organized by the International office (AAA), the Local Erasmus Initiative, i.e. yearly Christmas celebration, excursions  and much more.
  • There are many popular student clubs.

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