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What public events take place in the faculty? Dissertation and diploma thesis defenses, appointment lectures, informative events ? information about which, where and in what extent the events take place is to be find here.


We as lecturers of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering have an interest in answering the questions of pupils and teachers of secondary high schools and secondary modern schools. Thereby we hope to awake or intensify understanding and interest in the study of computer science or electrical engineering.

Choose from a supply of lectures and experiments that might be interesting for the formation of your lessons and contact the deanery of the faculty. Together we can determine place and time for the presentations of the chosen topics.



Job advertisements are released centrally by the University of Rostock, therefore we?d like to ask you to inform yourselves on for the time being. Thank you!

Job advertisements outside of the university, as well as internships are to be found here as well.


Annual reports - the eleven institutes and scientific areas in detailed overview. Emphases of research and teachings, projects, awards and publications, data, facts.


What we?ve got to communicate is to be found here. The latest news of the faculty for the general public.